Prayer Request: Carl Hodsdon

Carl Hodsdon is one of our Missionaries. To those of you who dont know, Carl’s dad received word yesterday, that he has spots on his spine and skull and the doctor described it as ‘widespread’. Carl’s dad hasn’t been eating well because of all the medications and their side effects, so pray he can start to eat and regain his strength to begin to fight this horrible disease. He goes in for some more tests in about two weeks to determine the severity and best treatment. Tomorrow he will have the shunt taken out of his kidney, which is pretty painful. Continue to pray for him and for the family. We have all been hit hard by this news.
Pray also for mom and dad’s finances. Before their insurance will pay 100% they will have to spend over $5000 out of pocket. They do not qualify for any government aid, but are checking on some other options. They have just spent $6000 overseas for his tests and hospital stay which only part will be reimbursed (and could take months to see the money). Pray God will supply these needs.
Also pray for Carl’s brother Sam who has moved back home to help mom and dad and is doing a wonderful job. We are very proud of him.
Carl’s sister, Connie and family are traveling today to be here in Maine with us. We will all be together on Saturday and Sunday. Pray for their travels as well.
Knowing the seriousness of dad H’s illness, we do not think at this time that it is a good idea to be moving in less than two months down to New York. We will continue our meetings as scheduled, but want to spend as much time with him as possible. We are praying God will open up a rental (the least expensive the better so we can save toward our departure the beginning of the year back to the field) apartment, house or furnished basement near Fairfield, ME.

Carl and Nikki Hodsdon
Thank you for your prayers, love and support during this difficult time.

Dios te bendiga
May God bless you

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